TEKCOAT Coatings and linings


TEKCOAT Coatings and linings provides protective coatings for the most demanding requirements.

The protection against real corrosion – permanent, resistant, free of solvents.

Tekcoat are corrosion protection systems of the latest generation that are used in the oil and petrochemical industry, among others, through the application of advanced resin composite coatings, reinforced with micro-ceramic loads and nano technology. The main properties are: chemical resistance, resistance to abrasion and stability to the weather.

Due to the continuous and innovative development of our solvent-free coating systems, we offer an extremely versatile product range. In addition, we set standards with our effective internal tank coating systems for aggressive chemicals. Tekcoat polymer coatings can be easily used: they are applied directly by airless spraying methods on different substrates such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, concrete, CFK and GFK.

We have innovative coating solutions: a constant effort towards new developments of our products is an important part of the philosophy of our company. The certificates and results of extensive tests series from independent research institutes demonstrate the superiority and quality of Teckoat coating systems.

Oil platforms
Oil Platforms
Flowlines for oil, gas and water transportation
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Steel Constructions
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Storage Tanks
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